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Standing at the Corner of Lost and Found. by Jan Marin Tramontano. Lisa goes to college in high spirits. Determined to cast off her family's persistent warnings.
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T had yet to get round to oiling, and Clara stepped into the deserted entrance hallway. She closed the door behind her and looked around. Clara made for her own locker, produced the key from her jeans pocket, unlocked the door and pulled it open. As she did so, she caught sight of the black and white head-and-shoulders selfie of her sister Giselle and herself, hugging as they grinned into the camera, stuck to the inside of the door and smiled to herself.

Clara then slipped off her backpack, placed it carefully inside the locker and then, after a last look at the selfie, closed the door and locked it. She paused for a moment, listening to the faint sounds of music beyond. Then, Clara steeled herself and walked into the passage Clara made her way down the passage, moving as silently as possible fortunately, she was wearing her runners so as not to alert anyone to her presence. Something which terrified her.

That something was her own greatest fear. T had assured her she would not lose.

This feeling had become so strong that one day, Clara had gone out for the first time since recovering from her breakdown and, needing a friend to talk to, had turned up at The Next Step, arriving in Studio 1 at TNS East, where she met Daniel, Giselle's former dance partner. With Daniel's help, Clara had eventually worked out where her future lay, and found herself no longer the lost girl she had been. Coming to a corner, Clara flattened herself against the wall and peered round.

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Thankfully, the passage beyond was clear, and she could see the double doors leading to the Recording Studio — where her breakdown had happened, and which she feared would be triggered once more if she entered. I don't want to do this, she thought.

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But I've got to. Determinedly, Clara strode round the corner and made for the doors. She listened at them for a moment although the upper halves of the doors had glass panels, these were opaque so she couldn't simply look through them , but could hear nothing going on inside. To confirm the studio was definitely empty, Clara pushed one door ajar slightly, just enough for her to look inside.

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As she expected, there was no-one there. Clara pushed the door open and went through into the Control Room of the Recording Studio. In front of the sound board was the large window allowing those in the Control Room to see into the Sound Booth next door. Clara moved closer to the window, and looked into the Sound Booth. Suddenly, Clara seemed to hear her own voice.

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I want to be here, but it's really hard for me. I'm just trying to be brave. This is it, thought Clara, as she began to experience the familiar, awful feelings of being overwhelmed, panic and despair. The security personnel on the day of show always decides whether an object can be brought into K. For security purposes fire and evacuation , the following must always be handed over to the cloak room:. If a jacket, bag, etc. Hallen's paid cloakroom, K.

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Several other people had stopped to try to catch the wandering dog, and when they eventually caught her, Gasparik volunteered as tribute and took her to get scanned for a chip. She does recall selling a Chocolate Lab to Charlotte years ago. She does have records of all of her sales nationwide. Only downside is she is on vacation for one more week and cannot access her records.

She is so sweet and such a great dog.

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People spotted him, and soon there were photos of him everywhere because a local photographer had seen him, captured the heartwarming efforts, and posted the picture online. A network formed, and eventually a woman was able to connect owner and dog. The owner, an elderly gentleman with a bad back, had been out driving and calling out for his dog Roxy — who, of course, was the chocolate lab Gasparik had.

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